Grandcross Works

This is Grandcross Works

Grandcross, Love Ballad sends message as love song on Pop Rock. So his works are most lovely things as him gotten feeling both share of the world. And his newer senses is bringing you to higher stage as your llife time completely. Join himto go to tomorrow's peaceful on the earth. And then his life works at added one of jobs is creation of jewelry of pease for unisex as power stone and beads. And then his creation contain on day by day.

Grandcross is started his works since 2000, and he made the song for future lover as most valuable on his life. But he were not had easy way for join to lover ship as well. So he must sing like a song to listen by everyone's happiness to pray for god in Japan as world peace. So he feel hin as children of god feeds. He choose the namr of Grandcross is meaning as average of life creation horizontal line aty cross point by destiny covering over it to higher stage for him more happiness. And the planetsof Grand Cross or Hero's symbolize.

And he dosen't like away for broken peace so he promises to never fight style is war as other people to have been chosen.